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The passage of scripture we are examining in this book has seen various interpretations. The interpretations have changed as society has changed, and now it seems that whatever the interpretation, the conclusion is always the same—women in our society do not have to cover their heads in worship.

I came to the conviction in my early preaching years that the commands of this passage apply to women in worship in all places in all cultures. I have studied much of what has been written on the matter and have had friendly discussions with many brethren. As I have gathered material and examined the different arguments, I have longed for a forum in which these things can be taught and examined. At one time I sought to have a series of articles published in a leading brotherhood paper, but I was not successful.

I reluctantly came to the conclusion that the best way to give brethren access to this material was for me to write the book. So after much labor and prayer, here it is.

I have worked hard to make this book a thorough and careful study of the verses and the various arguments which have been made on the verses. I have tried to keep impersonal; that is, I have not named names. I have also tried to keep from any unfair or prejudicial language. I want this to provoke thought and study, not raise temperatures.

I call your special attention to the transcript of a cassette sermon by David W. Bercot (chapter: What the Early Christians Believed About the Head Covering) which is printed here by permission. I draw upon his material in several chapters.

May God bless us all as we study and try our best to follow His will.

Paul K. Williams, Eshowe, South Africa