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Thanks so much for your new website. I just started reading Bro. Hutto’s piece, even though I am at work, and couldn’t stop. His is the most logical and simple explanation I have ever read on the subject. Sometimes “complicated” gospel truths take years to sink in and finally register, thanks to overly scholarly tracts, pure intellectual immaturity, and/or avoidance of the issue due to past confusions.

I have not read yours yet. Here’s looking to renewed foundations on the issue! (I have worn the covering for years but have mentally vacillated several times).

looks good brother

I had a brief look at your website - It looks good, Joel does a very good job.

I consider the idea of the website excellent! The question arose here recently when a sister living in the __ area visited our congregation. M asked her why she wore a covering, and E explained in short terms and promised to correspond with M.

Before then we have had some brief discussions where I encouraged reading the passage and also arguments for and against before we engage in a specific study. It came up again when A and S visited. S sent M a copy of your book, and she wanted to let you know how much she enjoyed going through it.

E wore her covering both times we prayed, and I praised her for her consistency, something I have not seen any other woman do. E is still engaged in a personal study for herself as she re-thinks and re-studies the issue. I will send her your website. She mentioned that she was afraid she may be sowing discontent by speaking to M, but I assured her that she is most welcome to correspond with any person she wants to. I explained that S is the one who ultimately has to decide what she does in this regard, being her head does not mean that I am her conscience.

I believe that one thing Romans 14 teaches us is that the Christian should be a caring, open-minded, studying individual constantly reaffirming his or her faith. We may consider ourselves strong and approve what may condemn us. Blessed is he who does not condemn himself by what he approves. I need to make sure that I do not do this.

With our reading challenge I have progressed from Genesis to Jonah in three weeks. What impressed me is the consistent way in which Israel (Israel and Judah) considered themselves “approved” when they grossly failed. However, what impressed me most are the kings who did well, but failed to go “all the way” to remove the high places, etc. Here is where I think your point that we should never become complacent on issues we disagree upon. We too may drift into a frame of mind where we think ourselves superior to the “heathens” when we are condemning ourselves by what we approve. The fact that we differ on subjects should increase awareness of the possibility that we may be drifting.

This Sunday I will preach the first lesson in a short series on the subject. I will introduce the passage with some brief comments, encouraging the ladies to determine that they will engage in serious personal studies before I return from H to preach one lesson on arguments for and one on arguments against. I will encourage all to access your website as we work together to come to conclusion we may exercise with a good conscience towards God. I will also encourage tolerance for different points of view so that women may indeed feel free to practice their conscience as they continue working towards doing what is right.